Man-Made Disaster Forensic Engineering Investigation

Mother Nature is not the only potential source of damage to a property. Human error, including construction and planning defects and even malicious actions, account for much of the damage that can occur to structures. It is crucial following a major impact to a property to sort out the sources of damage, including which sources are man-made and which may be attributed to natural causes. For example, Marcor was involved in the investigation of a Porte Cochere that was impacted by a garbage truck. He discovered damage at multiple locations, including at an eyebolt connection for a tension tie rod. Another forensic engineer claimed this damage was due to wind forces. Marcor performed detailed calculations of the forces generated by both wind and garbage truck impact and the capacity of the connection. The results showed that the maximum probable wind forces were well below the connection capacity, while the garbage truck impact forces exceeded the connection capacity.

Marcor has performed many investigations to identify the cause and extent of man-made impacts. His clients have included attorneys, home-owners, other property owners, insurance companies, and others. As a licensed civil/structural engineer in over 20 states, he offers services to clients in many industries and locations, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. He knows exactly what it takes to unravel the truth behind a property disaster situation. Give Marcor a call today to learn more about his services and how he can help you find the cause behind any structural failure.

In addition to man-made disaster forensic investigation, Marcor provides investigation in the following areas: