Natural Disaster Forensic Engineering Investigation

It can be challenging to return to life as normal following a severe storm or other weather event that has potentially caused damage to your property. Maintaining structurally sound homes and other buildings is crucial to ensure the health and safety of everyone inside. Marcor has performed structural investigations of homes and properties impacted by rain, hail, wind, snow, fire, earthquakes, landslides, lightning, floods, tornadoes, tropical storms, hurricanes, and even volcanoes. For example, he performed multiple inspections of houses in the wake of Hurricane Ida in New Orleans and other coastal cities in Louisiana.

Natural events—even extreme events—will often cause both obvious and subtle damage. A forensic civil/structural engineer is tasked with discovering easily identifiable and not readily discernable damage following one or more of these events. Marcor is currently licensed in over 20 states, meaning he can immediately respond to natural disasters in any of those states. He can also quickly become licensed in other states where natural disasters may occur. Consider retaining Marcor’s forensic services if your property has been hit by Mother Nature.

In addition to natural disaster forensic investigation, Marcor provides investigations in the following areas: