What Does A Structural Forensic Expert Do?


Forensic engineers are skilled professionals tasked with analyzing the reasons behind the malfunction or failure of materials, components, or structures. They specialize in investigating incidents where structural failures have occurred, resulting in property damage, injury, or involvement in civil or criminal cases.   


Structural Forensic Engineers undertake various tasks such as conducting inspections, taking measurements, gathering evidence, performing experiments, acquiring sample products, and developing models. Most typically, the findings of structural forensic engineers are used as evidence in legal proceedings, where they may serve as expert witnesses or provide valuable insights to attorneys.

Forensic engineers are typically hired as independent consultants by attorneys involved in construction and real estate litigation, although law enforcement agencies may also seek their expertise on occasion. Their contribution is particularly crucial in construction litigation cases, where understanding the root causes of failures is essential for reaching resolutions.  

Marcor has extensive experience with understanding and applying the building codes. He is currently seeking the International Code Council certification of Certified Building Official. 

Structural Forensic Engineers bring the expert knowledge and capacity to investigate and analyze primary and contributing factors to an event;  enabling them to diagnose the intricate factors contributing to component or structural failures. Early involvement in a case allows them to collaborate with legal teams, offering initial insights that inform strategic decision-making and the assembly of effective investigative teams.

Employing a systematic examination process, dependable forensic engineers meticulously consider every plausible explanation and piece of evidence, thereby providing invaluable support in achieving favorable outcomes for their clients.  

Marcor Platt PE, SE

Licensed in 21 States

What I do

Assessing Building Failure Cause and Remediation

Natural Disaster Building Impact

Marcor has studied the impact of hurricanes, tornadoes, vibrations, floods, hail, high winds on roofing, framing, and foundation damages to residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

    Failure Causation

    Marcor provides insight into the causation of building failure, whether soil, moisture, lack of maintenance, or standards of construction.

    Adherence to Building Codes

    Marcor studies whether a building failure has resulted from a lack of adherence to building codes. 

    Licensed in 20 States and Two Territories

    State Licensing
    Alabama PE
    Arizona PE & SE
    Arkansas PE
    California PE & SE
    Colorado PE
    Florida PE
    Hawaii SE
    Illinois SE
    State Licensing
    Kentucky PE
    Louisiana PE
    Nebraska SE
    Nevada SE
    New Mexico PE
    North Carolina PE
    Oregon PE & SE
    State Licensing
    South Carolina PE
    Tennessee PE
    Texas PE
    Utah SE
    US Virgin Islands PE
    Washington PE & SE
    Washington DC PE & SE

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